Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala Team Screened Police Personnel on field Warriors

Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala healthcare warriors screened Punjab police personnel the on field warriors who are fighting 24×7 with covid-19. Today a healthcare team of Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala took an initiative during these tough times and shown support to these brave Punjab police officials by doing screening and distributing […]

कोलंबिया एशिया अस्पताल पटियाला में हो रही हर आने वाले मरीज़ और स्टाफ की स्क्रीनिंग और रखा जा रहा है सामाजिक दूरी का पूरा ख्याल -टेली और वीडियो परामर्श भी उपलब्ध

कोलंबिया एशिया अस्पताल पटियाला ने कोरोना वायरस के चलते सावधानी बरतते हुए अस्पताल आने वाले हर एक मरीज़ की अनिवार्य रूप से थर्मल स्क्रीनिंग और फ्लू लक्षणों के लिए फ्लू कार्नर के माध्यम से स्क्रीनिंग की जा रही है I अस्पताल प्रबंधन की और से वकायदा एक ही प्रवेश द्वार […]

Columbia Asia Hospital Marked World Kidney Day by Creating Awareness on Kidney Disease -Keep Blood Pressure and Sugar in Control and Avoid Pain Killers -Dr. Nitin Kumar

Patiala, 11 March Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala marked world kidney day by creating awareness on kidney disease and educating masses how to keep your kidneys healthy. Kindly day is celebrated every year on second week of March to create awareness on kidney disease. Dr. Nitin Kumar Consultant Nephrologist at Columbia […]

Columbia Asia Hospital, Marked International Women’s Day by Educating ladies and Girl Students -Planted Trees

Patiala, 8 March Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala celebrated international women’s day by educating women’s and girl students on gender equality in Pepsi Co. Company Channo by Dietitian Bhawna Sharma Consultant Dietitian at Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala. This year the theme of international Women’s day is “Each for Equal” An equal […]

Search Engine optimization content

What Is Search engine optimization Content? Web optimization content is online substance intended to rank in web indexes (like Google). Likewise, content composed for Web optimization is regularly improved around a particular watchword. What’s more, with regards to website streamlining, depend on it: Content is Critical. Truth be told, organizations […]

कोलंबिया एशिया अस्पताल पटियाला ने विश्व महिला दिवस पर महिलाओं और छात्राओं को किया सेहत और समानता के प्रति जागरूक

पटियाला 7 मार्च, कोलंबिया एशिया अस्पताल पटियाला द्वारा विश्व महिला दिवस 2020 के मौके पर पेप्सी कंपनी चन्नो में कोलंबिया एशिया अस्पताल पटिआला की खुराक अवं पोषण विशेषज्ञ भावना शर्मा द्वारा महिलाओं और वहां मौजूद स्कूली छात्राओं को सही खान पान और खुराक की जानकारी दी गयी और उनके सवालों […]

Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala Launches Sleep Clinic- Quality Sleep is crucial for Good Health

Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala, Launches Sleep Clinic– Quality Sleep is crucial for good health Inadequate sleep increases the risk of high BP, heart disease, obesity & diabetes 6th March 2020, Patiala: Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala, launched a Sleep Clinic to cater to the rising problems of sleep disorders among the […]

What is Business Presentation and tips for next business presentation.

Significance of Business Introduction Business introductions are frequently used by the associations and organizations as an approach to sell a thought or item for spurring the crowd or preparing purposes. The moderator needs to get ready and practice before a business introduction for getting certain. There are numerous elements that […]

Corona Virus

Corona viruses (CoV) are an enormous group of infections that cause sickness going from the basic virus to increasingly extreme maladies, for example, Center East Respiratory Disorder (MERS-CoV) and Serious Intense Respiratory Disorder (SARS-CoV). Coronaviruses are a huge group of infections which may cause ailment in creatures or people. In […]

Do you know about Ebola Virus

Ebola infection ailment (EVD), once in the past known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is an extreme, regularly deadly sickness influencing people and different primates. The infection is transmitted to individuals from wild creatures, (for example, natural product bats, porcupines and non-human primates) and afterward spreads in the human populace through […]

Understanding Epidemiology

The study of disease transmission is the investigation of illnesses in populaces of people or different creatures, explicitly how, when and where they happen. Disease transmission specialists endeavor to figure out what variables are related with sicknesses (hazard factors), and what components may secure individuals or creatures against illness (defensive […]

Let’s Know 5G

Welcome to 5th generation Wireless Technology. Welcome to fifth era Remote Innovation. 5G is the fifth period adaptable framework. It will play a significantly greater activity than past ages. 5G will lift the compact framework to interconnect people, yet what’s more interconnect and control machines, things, and devices. It will […]

Dr.Pankaj Kumar Garg Resumed Charge at Consultant Bariatric, Laparoscopic & General Surgery at Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala

Patiala 20, February, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Garg joined Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala as Consultant Bariatric, General & Laparoscopic Surgery. Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala’s General Manager Mr. Gurkirat Singh informed today. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Garg is a graduate of Dr. S N. Medical College Jodhpur. He did his post-graduation in General […]

DAV Patiala observes Maharishi Dayanand Jayanti

To pay tribute and gratitude to “Swami Dayanand Saraswati” the founder of Arya Samaj and a great social reformer, DAV Public School, Patiala organized a pious Vedic Hawan Yajna with great religious fervor and reverence amidst enchanting of Vedic mantras during which Principal Vivek Tiwari alongwith the teaching staff & […]

Anchor Voice

Hire an Anchor voice – to presents news during a news and business presentation program on the television, on the radio or on the Internet. The Fate of Producing Normal Sounding VoicesBy Constraining Google AND Amazon’s Voice Motors toSpellbind Your Crowd No Programming or Specialized Aptitudes Important. Simply utilize this […]

Free Mega Camp organized by Columbia Asia Hospital Patiala in Association with Physiotherapy Department in Punjabi University

Patiala, 12th February, Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala in association with Physiotherapy department Punjabi university organized Free Mega Multispecialty camp in Punjabi University campus. More than 400 people availed free consultations from specialists available. From Columbia Asia hospital, Patiala consultant dermatologist Dr. Rohini Thakur, Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Dr. DinakarSood, […]

हिंदी में प्रेस-विज्ञप्ति

प्रेस विज्ञप्ति (Press release) वह प्राथमिक तरीका है जिससे आप अपनी कंपनी के समाचारों का मीडिया में संचार कर सकते हैं। संवाददाता, संपादक और निर्माता आमतौर पर नए और असामान्य उत्पादों, कंपनी रूझानों, सुझावों और संकेतों और दूसरी प्रगति के समाचारों के लिए विज्ञप्तियों पर निर्भर होते हैं। वास्तव में, […]

True story

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Review and Feedback

We as a whole need input from our clients to find out about their preferences, needs and distinguish any issues they may have encountered with the news, items and administrations. We in a perfect world need this criticism to be private and progressively with the goal that we can take […]


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News is data that is distributed in papers and communicate on radio and TV about late occasions in the nation or world or in a specific region of action. … The declaration was made at a news meeting. Those are a portion of the top stories in the news. Definition […]

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